'Unbreakable Bonds' Adhesive 10ml

'Unbreakable Bonds' Adhesive 10ml

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For years we have been trialling and testing adhesives all around the globe in search of our Cashmere Ellipse Lashes one true love.  And we've FOUND IT!😍 You too can now have your own unbreakable bonds for up to 7 weeks on your clients! This adhesive ALWAYS works best with our Cashmere Ellipse Russian Volume techniques for MAXIMUM performance 👏 

 This adhesive is PERFECT for not only Classics And Russian Volume but also suits all kinds of climates, temperature and humidity levels! Its loved throughout the hot temps of Queensland aswell as the cooler lifestyle in Tassie and New Zealand!

 Our 'Unbreakable Bonds' adhesive is .5 - 1 second drying time with a low viscosity to ensure those bases stay as sharp as your skills!

 This adhesive can also keep fresh once opened up to 3 months without refrigerating! With the proper adhesive care of course😉 

 Ideal room settings 50 - 70% and 20° - 25°.