Renee Mikkelsen is recognised as Australia's first and only Cashmere Ellipse Russian Volume Educator. Founder and Owner of Seriously Lashes Academy, Renee has discovered a new and innovative way to allow clients to achieve darker and fuller Russian Volume sets - WITHOUT the excess weights. This rare technique not only protects the lash line, but enhances retention and client satisfaction


Seriously Lashes is Australia's only Cashmere Ellipse Russian Volume Academy. This unique and rare form of application type is created with a premium type of elliptical flat based eyelash extensions. Due to this special cut, Cashmere Ellipse Lashes are 50% - 70% lighter compared to the standard silk/faux mink lashes that are used by 99% of all lash industry artists worldwide. This very special form of Russian Volume is rapidly growing in popularity with now 100+ Cashmere Ellipse Lash artists all over Australia. Working exclusively with this evolutionary application method.