C Curl Cashmere Ellipse Luxe Collection 0.07

C Curl Cashmere Ellipse Luxe Collection 0.07

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Who doesn't like options? (Or upgrades!😉😍) 

 After over half a decade of supplying the most premium flat lashes in Australia/New Zealand... we have decided its time to ADD an extra category to our inventory!😱

 Our Luxe Collection are even thinner... AND LIGHTER than our previous! Not that we don't still LOVE our OGs... but sometimes is nice to LEVEL up a little right?🧚‍♀️ These trays are 16 lines 8mm -13mm. Each line is not only labelled once.. but FOUR TIMES for our 'choppers🙊'. These boxes are also SO MUCH better for our environment.. NO MORE PLASTIC🚫

But now for our FAVOURITE part... 

  Finally we have decided to add not only the curl type and tray type on cover... BUT you can now enjoy the convinience of knowing our WE (WEIGHT EQUIVALENCE) on each tray now labelled clearly for LESS confusion😊

  Over the next couple of months we will be adding our singles and different curls, but for now... you can enter our Luxe Collection today with our Minxy Mixed trays. Let us know what you think!🥰