CAIRNS: Cashmere Ellipse Masterclass
CAIRNS: Cashmere Ellipse Masterclass
CAIRNS: Cashmere Ellipse Masterclass
CAIRNS: Cashmere Ellipse Masterclass
CAIRNS: Cashmere Ellipse Masterclass
CAIRNS: Cashmere Ellipse Masterclass
CAIRNS: Cashmere Ellipse Masterclass
CAIRNS: Cashmere Ellipse Masterclass
CAIRNS: Cashmere Ellipse Masterclass
CAIRNS: Cashmere Ellipse Masterclass
CAIRNS: Cashmere Ellipse Masterclass
CAIRNS: Cashmere Ellipse Masterclass
CAIRNS: Cashmere Ellipse Masterclass

CAIRNS: Cashmere Ellipse Masterclass

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Hello Lash Artists, 👋 
Did I hear you say you wanted FULLER, SOFTER, LIGHTER, SAFER & LONGER LASTING sets?🤔 Well you've come to the right place! 
Our Cashmere Ellipse Eyelash Russian Volume Technique is rated #1 by all lash artists internationally that has entered our evolution. We are now recognized as the leaders in SAFER eyelash extensions worldwide with now 3 Oz wide Educators and 4 international salons distributing our products... and GROWING FAST!. Our methods have been PROVEN to protect the lash line as well as greatly extend retention and majorly reduce our set times.
OUR LASHES WEIGH UP TO 75% LIGHTER than the standard round base (silk/faux mink competitor). These techniques and choice of lashes has help to exceed all Lash Artists business goals providing assurance in not only their career.. but also their future financial freedom.
Cashmere Ellipse Russian Volume is a PROVEN method for meeting ALL clients requests without compromising lash health. It also provides a STRESS FREE way of lashing for all our artists worldwide.
This is a RARE class to find. Would you believe most artists STILL are not familiar with SERIOUSLY LASHES secrets!🙈 Due to the flat bases, many lash artists cannot successfully wrap them around the NLS correctly or understand the science or the correct weight comparisons/restrictions .
HOWEVER...! We are graciously offering our half a decade of studies and education to you!🤫 9/10 students boast this is the BEST CLASS they have ever attended!!
Flat bases have advanced so much over the years. They are now much thinner, are available in split tips with a rich black matte, making them appear JUST LIKE the standard silk/faux mink sets 99% of lashers use worldwide. Oh, but how they are so different! 😉
Heres some info about your 'Seriously Lashes' Educator...
🚩Australia And New Zealands Private Salon Trainer + group trainings provided monthly  Renee has held classes in EVERY STATE of Australia/all major cities as well as 6 locations in New Zealand (SOLD OUT SEATS) already with a 2nd NZ Tour upcoming!
🚩International Magazine (Lash Inc Europe/US Edition) FULL PAGE featured!
🚩Top ten 'Pixies' GLOBAL lash art competition winner 2017!🏅
🚩Lash Conference Speaker 'Lash Premier', Adelaide 2020
  Renee is also Australia's and New Zealands first and ONLY strickly cashmere Ellipse Russian volume Educator (1 OF ONLY 2 GLOBALLY we know of!)🏆100% of all Commercial Salons that have contracted Renee for a private salon visit have permanently done the switch from silk/faux to her Cashmere Ellipse for Russian Volume. You will not be trained by any 'regular' trainer.. You WILL stand out from other lash artists..😉

You will endeavour down quite the unique type of Russian Volume journey ❤ Being a Cashmere Ellipse Russian Volume technician will not only provide your clients with a very rare service, but learning these techniques and tricks will assist with your speed to achieve fuller sets in shorter durations, ultimately increasing your income to greater heights! 

📍LUNCH is provided! 🍉

📍Workshop begins at 9am finishing at 6pm.

📍Please have your favorite Classic/Volume tweezers ready (and isolation). Just in case you do not prefer the tweezers included in your kit

📍Student training kit is provided (RRP $300+!) 

📍Certificate of attendance provided on completion and certificate of EXCELLENCE available after passing assessments.

 Sections Covered:

✔Cashmere vs silk/faux mink (weight restrictions and difference between)

✔Cashmere Ellipse Speedy Tip - This little secret is Exclusive to Cashmere Ellipse Lashes ONLY and cannot be achieved with round bases! How to HIDE your adhesive!🧐

✔How to achieve Extreme Mega Volume in 2 hours... SAFELY!😉

✔Betty Boop sets - What are they and why are they so rare/special? HIGH density in 1.5 hours! The EASIEST form of thick, long lasting and ultralight sets.

✔Tweezer choices/fanning techniques with flat bases. We teach FOUR different difficulty levels and FOUR different fan making techniques. There is something for everyone REGARDLESS of your skill level! (Classic training prior essential)


 Model✔ 1 x live model is required from each attendee for your first MEGA VOLUME set. Your model is required at 1.30pm. It is RECOMMENDED (however not essential) a $50 deposit be taken from your model to ensure commitment. The $50 can be reimbursed on arrival. Models need to arrive with sneaky clean lashes, extensions free and NO damage!

If you'd like to secure your seat in this course and prefer SPLIT PAYMENTS.. Please secure your deposit of $200 (this gets taken out of total) via the website in 'shop on 2nd page. Please ensure your full name (as printed on certificate) is in the reference as well as your email.  You will then receive a seat confirmation and info email within the 24 hours and your tax invoice shortly after. This invoice will be updated automatically with each payment (if not paid up front) so you can keep track of your payments😊.

**Please also be mindful that all students entering the Cashmere Ellipse Russian/Mega Volume workshop must sign a Non Disclosure Agreement on commencement of class to ensure our techniques are not taught to other salon staff members, fellow artist friends or in other classes amongst academies/educators. This is a security measure to ensure the rare Cashmere Ellipse secrets stay within the Seriously Lashes Academy and all our artists skills and sets are obtained exclusively. *EXCLUDES training right purchases and/or partnership agreements.