2 Day Beginners Class: Private
2 Day Beginners Class: Private
2 Day Beginners Class: Private
2 Day Beginners Class: Private
2 Day Beginners Class: Private
2 Day Beginners Class: Private
2 Day Beginners Class: Private
2 Day Beginners Class: Private
2 Day Beginners Class: Private
2 Day Beginners Class: Private

2 Day Beginners Class: Private

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Grasp the MAJOR benefits of having your teacher all to yourself and fast track your business and skills!

Studies can confirm that the success rate is almost DOUBLE the potential when classes are private. When your mentor is purely focused on ONLY YOU in the most comfortable environment, you can learn without extra stress, pressure and anxiety. The BEST part of enrolling in private training, is YOU CHOOSE The date (according to availability) and your trainer can COME TO YOU, if you prefer of course!*



Heres some info about your 'Seriously Lashes' Educator...
🚩Renee is 7x Certified

🚩Australia wide Private Salon Trainer + International Educator. Last year Renee toured NEW ZEALAND teaching her secret techniques with 9 SOLD OUT classes, 50 students in 6 cities and suburbs in JUST 2 WEEKS! 

🚩International Magazine (Lash Inc Europe/US Edition) FULL PAGE featured!

🚩Top ten 'Pixies' GLOBAL lash art competition winner 2017!🏅

🚩Full feature on Celebrity Lash NZ online blog presentation 2021

🚩Lash Conference Speaker 'Lash Premier', Adelaide 2020


Renee is a Aus wide lash educator, recognized as Australias and NZs first and very own Cashmere Ellipse Russian Volume trainer (only 2 in the world!). We have over 500 Cashmere Ellipse Russian Volume artists all over Australia AND New Zealand providing this advanced and evolutionary rare technique.

! Due to this rare skill on offer to obtain, many leading commercial salons around Australia seek Renee for private visits to upgrade their staffs services.

100% of all private commercial salons trained by Renee have switched to Cashmere Ellipse Lashes as they are 50 - 70% LIGHTER = GREATLY extending retention and most importantly ensuring protection of lash health!😍

  • Course hours are 9am -6pm with 2 breaks consisting of 1 x 15 min tea/coffee + snacks and 1 x 45min lunch break. Lunch and snacks are also provided (Excluding training outside of Brisbane)!🍌🍕
    All training (unless private arrangements or interstate/International) are held in Lota, Brisbane 4179. Address supplied on confirmation.
    Leading up to the date you will recieve additional info including a summary/timetable of each days sections, so you know what you can look forward to and when. 
    Sections covered: (in no particular order)
    ✔Understanding lash types, curls & diameters
    ✔Eyeshaping & lash mapping
    ✔Cashmere vs silk/faux mink
    ✔Allergic reactions and eye Irritations/ How to avoid them and ensure client comfort
    ✔Understanding your adhesive and storage
    ✔Sterilization and ensuring a hygienic practice
    ✔Maniquin practice
    ✔Classic lashing (Your first set on live model)
    ✔Premade Volume lashing (Your second set on live model)
    ✔Correct glue amount and dipping
    ✔The importance of room settings
    ✔Building your business, increasing clientele and promotions
    ✔Refill Guide/Outgrowns
    ✔Safe removals
    ✔Client customer service and expectations
    ✔Consultations and Patch Testing
    💥FULL Kit Included = All tools and neccessities (Enough for approximately 25 clients)
    💥Take home in depth Seriously Lashes 50 PAGE in depth Eyelash Extensions manual.
    💥Certificate of Attendance on completion
    💥1 hour follow up appointment included at any time in the future. (In Salon/or video call available)
    💥Ongoing unlimited advice and support.
    💥Exclusive entry into Seriously Lashes - Cashmere Ellipse Empire' Group to chat with all other students.
    💥Annual invites to attend national or international Lash Conferences or Competitions alongside your mentor and other Seriously Lashes Artists.
    Models✔ 2 live models are required from you for your first classic and volume sets (1 on each day/ 2:30pm arrival). It is recommended (but not essential) that a $50 deposit is to be taken (paid to you) to ensure commitment to attendance as no shows can impact learning potential. The $50 will be reimbursed on arrival. Models need to arrive with sneaky clean lashes, extensions free and no damage. NOTE: Models CAN be arranged by Seriously Lashes however incur an additional $50 per model arrangement.
    Payment Plans🚩 If you would prefer a payment plan.. WE GOT YOU! All that is needed is a (non refundable) $300 deposit via bank transfer. You have the convinience to make payments as much as you like, when you like as long as the entire balance is cleared by 14 day prior to course commencement date.
      After your non refundable deposit (of $200) has been made and your seat is secure, all we will need is your full name (as preferred on certificate), your email and phone number. We will then send you all the confirmation and additional info via email. You will also recieve a timetable approximately 1 week before to get you in the hype with the sequence of sections! 
    There is absolutely no need to bring anything except your enthusiasm and willingness to learn!❤
    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Renee directly on 0405878632
    We do hope we get the chance to show you the exclusive Cashmere Ellipse application techniques, provide you will the best up-to-date 'lash-cation' on offer and help you to kick start your own personal career in eyelash extensions and STAND OUT from the rest!👊💯
    We hope to see you soon! 


 Please contact us on 0405878632 to access the open schedule. Please note: Lunch is NOT provided for trainings outside of the academy unless interstate


 *Up to 1 hour of travel included/ any excess travel incurs additional fees of $40 per 30mins or flights/ accommodation if outside Brisbane. Private Contact for nternational organizations.

*NOTE: if in the event of unattendance, NO REFUNDS will be permitted. Only course credit